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Creating a child support agreement during a divorce

Salt Lake City Child Support Attorney

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After years of being together, you and your spouse decide to part ways. Filing for divorce is the easiest thing, but what comes after is where your focus should be.

There are many difficulties when dealing with a divorce. Some of them are so stressful and exhausting that you wished that you never filed for a divorce.
You have to deal with the following:

  • Property division
  • Mortgage division
  • Asset division
  • Child support agreement

Most couples have difficulties crafting a child support agreement, one that benefits both parties. Here are a few tips that can help you create a child support agreement after a divorce.


Think About Your Child
If you place your child’s needs as a top priority, it will be a lot easier to create a child support agreement. Depending on the child’s age and needs, you and your spouse will be able to easily decide who will get the weekdays with the child, and who will get the weekends.

It is important to know that in the majority of cases, both parents do not receive the same amount of time to spend with their child. Usually, one parent (mother) gets more time with the child.

The best way to start making a child support agreement is to sit down together and think about your child’s best interests. Think about the future, and what will benefit your child the most. If that doesn’t help you get to the bottom of the problem, your only option left is to hire a Child Support Attorney and ask for professional assistance.

Paying The Child Support
The parent who is left to pay the child support (usually, it is the father) will have to do so until the terms of the agreement are met. Sometimes, the support order can finish once the child reaches a certain age or obtains a certain level of education. Once that happens, the parent can stop paying for the child support.

However, there are cases where the support order doesn’t end. In that case, you would have to talk to your ex-spouse and find an agreement. If that doesn’t work, you can always include the court.

One thing you should keep in mind is the fact that children are entitled to receive support for as long as they meet the “child of the marriage” definition. If you are unsure for how long that lasts or when it stops, consult with one of our attorneys.

After filing for a Divorce in Salt Lake City, you need to understand the consequences of not paying for assigned child support. Refusing to pay could result in negative consequences, such as:

  • Losing your passport
  • Paying additional fees and fines
  • Facing jail time (it is a possibility)

So if you thought about leaving the state or the country, think again. You will be stopped and your passport will be taken if you have unpaid child support checks.

For all additional information, feel free to contact our Child Support Attorneys. Schedule your free consultation, and learn more about child support agreement and your obligations.

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